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Made in 2017 PART 1

Native Instruments - Thrill (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Thrill (KONTAKT)

Publisher: Native Instruments
Format: KONTAKT 5.6.8 +
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Description: a Cinematic library.

  28,6 GB

1 NKI that includes:

348 Master snapshots
500 Thrill Presets
963 Sound sources
75 Cluster presets 

Native Instruments has released Thrill, a new instrument that enables the introduction of 

terrifying live scores to movies, games, sound installations, or theater productions.

Thrill combines the epic power of an orchestra with the chilling depth of expert sound design, 

houses them within a simple performance-driven interface, and places them into the hands of a 

single player.

NI say that using Thrill, a single person could perform the terrifying string tone clusters from The 

Shining, as Jack Torrance rampages around Overlook Hotel. An aspiring young filmmaker 

could single-handedly play all of Arrival's stomach-churning bass drones in just one take.

The all-original 30 GB sound library is taken from 963 source sounds, including orchestral 

recordings and hybrid sound-design based on ambiences, custom-built instruments, voices, 

pitched metal, synthesized drones, and more.

Central to Thrill is an X-Y control for modulating effects and morphing between sounds. This 

control offers composers and sound designers something new – the ability to design and play 

complex cinematic textures and builds in real time. Simple and intuitive to use, the control blends

 between sound sources, effects, the number of sonic layers, general intensity, and more, 

depending on the preset being used. This X-Y modulator lends itself to trackpad, tablet, or even 

smartphone control (via TouchOSC), allowing sound-to-action interaction.

Thrill also comes with a powerful tone cluster designer. Tone clusters are a special kind of 

chord, containing at least three adjacent notes, and are one of the staple tools for generating fear 

and tension in any audience. Thrill offers 250+ diverse and editable cluster sound and voicing 

presets, using the many types of pitched sounds in the Thrill library, such as strings and horns.

 Tone clusters can also be built from scratch, with up to eight independently editable and 

modulatable voices.